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SEO Manchester: POWERFUL SEO campaigns for Manchester businesses

We are Heavygate Marketing, a Manchester SEO and digital marketing agency. SEO is our core service. We know search engine optimisation because we’re actively engaged in ranking websites day-in, day-out.

Our search experts have built extremely profitable websites from the ground up, generating steady organic traffic from high-value terms. Using a range of tactics (SEO, PPC, and CRO), we can bring more paying customers to your website than you thought possible.

Grow your business with the data-driven Manchester SEO agency.

Whether you want to move up the search engine rankings for some high-value keywords, improve your local rankings, build a better backlink profile, improve conversion rate on your website, or run a successful PPC campaign, we can help.

By employing intelligent keyword research, targeted link building, and data-driven on-page SEO techniques, we deliver real results for our clients.

SEO agency

Search engine optimisation and you

The old ways of thinking about SEO are dead. It doesn’t matter what your business is – be it a plumbing service, a dentist, an online store, or a major B2B brand – you need a solid SEO strategy in place if you want to keep making sales and continue to grow. If you fail to realise the importance of SEO, and you don’t start doing it right, then your competitors are going to blow you away.

If you think we’re being hyperbolic here, just think about it. If you’re not on the first page of Google then it doesn’t matter how good your landing page is – nobody is going to see it! If you’re a dentist or solicitor, then unless you are one of the three results in the map pack for searches like “dentist near me”, you’re not getting any new leads. The share of search traffic going to the top 3 results on Google is only going to increase over time. You need to be there, and you can’t do it without intelligent SEO.

Search engine optimisation

We know how to give your website an edge over your competitors. Google’s algorithm now changes hundreds of times a year. Big, sweeping updates still happen, but small changes across the year have a massive effect on rankings. We provide SEO expertise that is fluid and rapidly changing, just like the algorithm. All our strategies are guided by real-time data, so you’re never left behind by updates.

Our core services

Here are our core SEO services:

  • On-page optimisation: This is one of the most important aspects of SEO, and the one most frequently done wrong. We take a scientific approach to on-page SEO, looking at current ranking factors and making sure you are beating your competitors
  • Link building: Probably the most important part of SEO, despite what the self-appointed ‘gurus’ tell you. Links – both backlinks and internal links – are an extremely influential ranking factor. More links from powerful sites almost always means higher rankings. When leveraged with intelligent anchor text and silos, link building is a game changer
  • Local search optimisation: Local search is its own beast, requiring different techniques and tactics. If you’re a local business, you need to be in the map pack – the three companies that appear with the map when searching on mobile devices. We can put you there
  • SEO audits: We provide low-cost, one-time SEO audits to potential clients. These audits are comprehensive, including keyword analysis and research, backlink profiling, page speed, mobile compatibility and UX tests, and more
  • Conversion rate optimisation: Growth in organic traffic is only useful to you if it is making you more money. That’s why we also have experts in conversion rate optimisation on staff. They can make sure your landing pages are driving up the numbers that you want to see, be it enquiries, sales, email signups, or engagements
  • Technical SEO: Technical SEO is more than just making sure your site loads quickly. We strip your site down to its bare bones to look for the slightest problem which might be hurting your search engine rankings, as well as finding ways we can improve your SERP rankings, click through rate (CTR), bounce rate, and more
  • Analytics & reporting: Data is power. This is something we take very seriously at our SEO agency. By hiring us as your Manchester SEO agency, you’ll get access to more than just basic Google analytics reports. We can provide early warning for Google updates, weekly keyword reports, and negative SEO attack warnings

Other agencies will try to sell you the full digital marketing suite. We think this means they’re a jack of all trades, but master of none. We are genuinely experts when it comes to finding valuable keywords, making you rank for them, and growing your revenue through organic search. That’s why we only offer SEO and related services to our clients.

We do work closely with some full-suite digital agencies in Manchester. We like to think we work with the best digital marketing agencies in Manchester. If you’d like us to recommend a digital marketing agency in Manchester we’d be more than happy to help!

Want an SEO audit?

We offer one-off SEO audits to prospective clients. These audits are fairly comprehensive, giving you a snapshot of your website’s current performance in the search engine rankings, your backlink profile, major issues, and how you compare to the competition. Our audits also include keyword research, including what keywords gain you the most traffic, keywords that you have mistakenly ignored, and the keywords you are currently ranking for but which could be getting you a lot more traffic. The audits cost very little for what you get.

All of this will obviously come with our recommendations for what you should do going forward. We’re happy to tell you roughly what we would do if you hired us as your SEO agency. You would just have to actually hire us if you wanted to see how we’d go about doing it. We are the best SEO agency in Manchester, so we know you’ll like what you see from our audits!

Get in touch now for an audit -> CONTACT US.


Why our SEO strategies work – SCIENCE!

SEO can sometimes seem very wishy-washy to outsiders. Some industry leaders even talk about SEO like it is an art form.

Well, it isn’t.

Google’s algorithm is an algorithm.

It cannot read, think, or feel like a human being. So long as Google’s algorithm remains an algorithm, it can be manipulated.

This is why we take a strictly scientific approach to SEO. That means we don’t listen to anything that Google says about its algorithm. We ignore industry “thought leaders” and rumours. We don’t approach SEO with preconceived ideas about how the algorithm “should” work.

Instead, we test.

By constantly running SEO tests and analysing large amounts of data, we can tune out the noise and focus on what is actually working right now.

SEO test data

We maintain a stack of in-house sites. This allows us to actually test whether or not something is a ranking factor. In other words, we know that keyword density is a significant ranking factor because we have tested it – higher keyword density invariably improves rankings up to a certain point (anywhere from 5-50% depending on the term).

Another way we test is to constantly monitor the first page on Google for high value terms, working out how each site is ranking, and then monitoring their movements. This allows us to constantly have our finger on Google’s pulse, as well as seeing long-term trends (e.g. a rise in the power of PBN homepage links, a rise in the importance of branded anchor text, and so on). Monitoring the SERPs also gives us some really cool new strategies for ranking – affiliates are a creative bunch!

Our approach to on-page SEO is scientific too. We treat on-page SEO like that maths problem that it is. Google can only read numbers (keyword density, mentions in H tags, div tags, etc.) so we show it the numbers it wants to see. By breaking the top-ranking pages down into numerical values, you can see what Google sees. See what Google sees and you can easily see what it wants to see. That is how on-page SEO is done right.

No other Manchester SEO agency is going to give you the kind of insights we can give you. Nobody else tests like we do, so they can’t give you definitive answers about ranking factors like we can.

Great SEO is timeless

Great SEO should be timeless. That means any search engine optimisation you do today should aim to keep helping you rank in the future. This isn’t particularly important if you’re trying to rank an affiliate site, but if you’re trying to build a brand, then maintaining long-term positions is vital.

But how can SEO be timeless? Google’s algorithm changes around 500 times per year, and at least once per year Google makes major changes to its algorithm which can turn the SERPs on their heads. No one SEO strategy can ever claim to be “timeless” in such an environment.

Good SEO is fluid. It is dynamic. It is data driven.

The best SEO is that which allows you to pivot when the algorithm changes.

SEO Manchester

Timeless SEO means search engine optimisation which isn’t geared towards any one single ranking factor, but rather spread across all of them. This means giving every known ranking factor the attention it deserves based on how important it is today and how important we think it is likely to be to Google in the future.

For example, some SEOs tend to over-leverage on external backlinks from a narrow range of sources, leaving internal links, on-page SEO and social signals relatively ignored. They stick to what they know, not bothering to keep an eye on which way the wind is blowing. So when an update demotes all of their links, their rankings tank.

A better approach is to run a strong link-building campaign that prioritizes diversity (forums, blog articles, press releases, scholarship links, web 2.0s, PBN links, and more), and to run this alongside a god on-page optimisation campaign, a social campaign, and a solid silo restructuring.

We create effective SEO campaigns that stand the test of time. We do so by always being responsive to changes in the algorithm, as well as using historical data to inform us of how the algorithm is likely to change over time. Never out all your eggs in one basket, and diversify each strategy to spread your risk. That’s how great, effective, lasting SEO is done.

If Google changes, you change. Hire us as your SEO consultants and we’ll help you develop an SEO strategy that is fluid, dynamic, and responsive to changes in Google’s algorithm.

SEO strategies we employ

We employ a wide range of SEO strategies to get your site to outrank your competitors. Which tactics we use will depend largely on your current circumstances, state of the competition, difficulty of target keywords, and your industry (different niches have slightly different requirements in our experience).

Link building

But broadly speaking, we draw the same core SEO strategies for every campaign, as these are the strategies that have been proven time and again to make a big difference to a site’s rankings.

Here are our go-to SEO strategies:


  • Optimising keyword density based on data taken from sites currently ranking for target term (basically, upping their exact match keyword counts by 1)
  • Fixing keyword placement and internal link structure
  • Increasing density of LSI keywords (word that Google knows are related to the target keyword)
  • Ensuring the use of HTML elements is optimised (especially tags)
  • Optimising metadata
  • Optimisation of images, including size, load speed, alt-tags and descriptions
  • Removing bloated CSS, HTML, and unnecessary data which slows the page down
  • Improving layout, design and UX to increase conversions and minimize bounce rate


  • Guest post writing, distribution and publication
  • Supporting content creation, giving you a valuable resource with which to generate backlinks and then guide that juice to your target pages
  • Link building, including forums, sponsored links, profiles, web 2.0s, bookmarks, and more
  • Press release writing and distribution
  • PBN construction, giving you complete control over backlinks
  • Dropped domain sourcing for 301 redirects (giving you an instant influx of high-quality links)


A word about technical SEO

Technical SEO is often treated as a separate part of the search engine optimisation process. Most SEO agencies in Manchester have their on-page people, their technical people, and their link builders. But we think a more integrated approach is best.

One of the reasons we’re the best Manchester SEO agency is that we are all technical SEO experts at heart. Our approach is a truly integrated one; technical search engine optimisation is built into everything we do.

Lots of Manchester businesses think exclusively of keyword stuffing and backlinks when they think SEO. But most businesses in Manchester stand to benefit far more from a good technical SEO overhaul more than they would from a solid backlink campaign.

Technical SEO

The good thing about technical SEO is that it is the same for everyone. Whether you’re Manchester’s leading dentist, the North West’s best solicitor, or a Manchester-based e-commerce platform, you can all benefit from exactly the same technical SEO strategies.

Here are some of the technical SEO strategies we use for our clients:

  • Running diagnostic tools to benchmark your site speed and performance
  • If necessary, we can assist with hosting migration and upgrades to ensure 100% site uptime and optimal performance
  • Setting up of a CDN, with faster page delivery, DDoS protection and enhanced security
  • Generation of SSL certificates (giving you the coveted HTTPS and padlock designations, now required by Google products)
  • Set up of protection from leeching, hotlinking, and other malicious activity
  • Ensuring sitemaps are set-up properly, with proper mark-ups, and that they are being accessed by Google’s bots. Where necessary, more can be done with sitemaps, which we would discuss at the time
  • Tracking crawl rates and indexing to make sure there are no problems with your site reaching the SERPs
  • Optimising your site’s navigation structure so that both humans and bots can navigate it properly

How well your website actually performs is a massive determinant of how well you rank in Google. This is why you should take so-called technical SEO very seriously. It isn’t something you do as an afterthought; installing Lazy Loading and reducing your image size isn’t enough any more.

Technical SEO is built into the heart of our search engine optimisation campaigns. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make for you and your business.

Long-form content – Who needs it?

Content is king. This is the mantra that most SEO “experts” repeat day-in, day-out to their employees, their clients, and other SEO professionals whenever they get the chance. Content, they say, is the bedrock of all good SEO. In particular, they claim that long-form content is the number one tool for gaining rankings both now and in the future. The idea is that Google wants to promote genuinely good content. Over the long-term, the argument goes, the algorithm is going to increasingly reward those who produce great content over those that produce thin content that is of little value to search engine users.

This idea is backed up by everything we get told by Google’s spokespeople.

Now, we all know that Google has never made anything about its algorithm public. They never acknowledged a single ranking factor, nor confirmed that an update has targeted a specific industry, black hat technique, or ranking factor. However, when it comes to telling SEO professionals what is going to work in the future, Google is extremely vocal. And they speak with one voice on this matter – “just keep making great content”.

To see what we’re talking about, we recommend checking out John Mueller’s activity on social platforms like Twitter and Reddit. He is constantly telling people to “keep creating good content”, that “content marketing and SEO are the same thing”, and that they should ignore other ranking factors like backlinks, keyword density, and exact match counts.

So is content really the king of SEO?

No, of course it isn’t!

Long-form content writing

You have to ask yourself why Google has been so guarded about what it tells SEO agencies and freelance SEO professionals about its algorithm…except for the importance of content. Specifically, why does Google go out of its way to tell freelance SEO professionals to create content that is geared towards users and not towards the algorithm. Wouldn’t the algorithm just demote sites that wrote thin content and promote useful, long-form, engaging content? Why not let the algorithm do your policing?

The answer is that it can’t. Google’s AI is impressive, but it is far from adept at telling good relevant content from relevant but low-quality content. So Google needs us SEOs to police ourselves; they know the algorithm simply isn’t up to the job.

But that doesn’t mean long-form content isn’t useful. SEO agencies are right to tell their clients to produce a lot of long-form content. It’s just that Manchester SEO agencies don’t understand why long-form content is so valuable.

If leveraged properly, long-form content gives you the opportunity to dramatically increase lots of on-page SEO ranking factors, including:

  1. LSI keyword density
  2. Total exact match keyword count
  3. H-tagged keywords
  4. Keywords in div tags
  5. Images
  6. Lists

For example, it is very difficult to get 60 mentions of “SEO Manchester” in an article that is 600 words long. You would have to mention SEO multiple times per sentence, and Manchester every coupe of sentences. The same is true of using italics and bold tags. SEO Manchester looks perfectly normal by itself. But too close to “Manchester SEO”, or SEO agency in Manchester, and things start to look a bit funny.

This is also true of latent semantic indexing optimisation. Fitting in all of the related keywords can be difficult in a short blog post: search engine optimisation agency Manchester, PPC Manchester, marketing Manchester, SEO agency near me, local SEO agency, freelance SEO Manchester, SEO jobs Manchester, digital marketing company – all of this in a 600 word blog post would look very strange. Whereas scattered through a 5000 word long-form article, it looks natural.

That’s why long-form content is so useful.

Of course, content marketing itself is a powerful tool. When used as part of a good digital marketing mix, good content marketing is one of the best ways to drive brand awareness, trust, and engagement. But content itself is not important to SEO, as the algorithm can’t read it.

For an SEO agency, content is a vehicle for the delivery of on-page ranking factors.

But just because content is a ranking factor delivery system doesn’t mean it has to be dull or poorly written. Content is something we love to do, and we do it well. Come work with us and we’ll show you how to create content that is not only fun and engaging, but also effective.


Why you should hire Heavygate Marketing as your Manchester SEO agency

SEO Manchester agencies all claim to be the best at what they do, so how can you trust any of what they say?

Easy – you can’t!

Finding a good SEO Manchester agency is easy.

Just ask for proof.

If somebody is genuinely great at SEO, then they can show you all of difficult, high-value keywords they are ranking for with their own websites. After all, if they’re really an SEO expert, they can easily make a lot of money with their own websites, be it as an affiliate marketer, through ad revenue, etc.

But few of them can. Even the best SEOs in Manchester will be reluctant to show you proof because they can’t! They don’t actually know what they’re talking about as they’ve never done it themselves. Like finance gurus who can’t make money on the stock market, most “SEO experts” have no idea how to rank for difficult keywords, and they’ve never done it for themselves (that’s why they work for agencies).

We’re not like that.

Best Manchester SEO agency

We started this agency out of a love of the game (SEO that is), not to eek money out of good businesses. That’s why we’re so selective with our clients – we don’t need the money, truth be told. We just want to win.

So we don’t want you to believe us when we say we’re a great Manchester SEO agency.

We can show you.

Book a meeting with us and we’ll show you some of the sites we run in-house. Because we run our own stack of (very profitable) websites, you can feel safe in the knowledge that we know what we’re talking about. Having in-house sites also allows us to prove to you that certain things are ranking factors because we use them ourselves. This is despite what the self-appointed SEO gurus have to say about it!

Book a consultation now -> CONTACT US.


SEO questions answered

Question: What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. In simple terms, it is making your website rank higher on Google’s search results pages for select search terms. In other words, it is optimising your website for search engines (so they like your site and display it prominently). If you’re actively trying to rise up your Google search rankings, you’re doing SEO. Whether you’re doing it well is another question.

Question: Do I need to be doing SEO?

The answer to this question is almost always “yes”, although there are exceptions. If you have a way to generate revenue from website visitors – be it paying customers, lead gen, email signups, or ad revenue – then yes you need to be doing SEO. If your business is all word of mouth and your website is primarily a trust signal, then SEO probably isn’t going to benefit you.

Question: How long does SEO take to work?

This is 100% dependent on your website, the keywords your targeting, and the state of the competition. You probably can’t rank for “best gaming laptop” overnight, as that is a highly competitive search term (unless you have an extremely powerful website about gaming already). That said, good SEO can start to work quite quickly. As a rule of thumb, we tell clients to expect positive movement within the first 2-3 months of a campaign, and significant results before month 6.

Question: What is the fastest way to increase organic traffic?

This is easy – links. I have never seen more rapid growth in traffic than when I have sent a deluge of good quality links to a target page. The fastest way to do that is to 301 a dropped domain to a target page or silo. An influx of 500 high quality links to a page works wonders. I’ve seen big jumps in rankings in as little as two months doing this (and that is for difficult terms). However, it must be done right. This is an SEO-pro level tactic – don’t try it at home!

Question: Does PPC help SEO?

No. I have found absolutely 0 correlation between PPC spending and organic rankings. I have my suspicions that the relationship could possibly go the other way. If you’re a paying adwords customer, Google has a vested interest in minimizing your organic traffic to make you spend more on ads to make up the difference. We can organize PPC campaigns for our clients (they’re easy), but our focus is organic SEO.

Question: Does social media help SEO?

Again, I have found very little correlation between social media presence and organic rankings. Of course, social signals probably do tell the algorithm that your site is trustworthy to some degree. But you can rank without social signals, and social signals alone are never going to move the needle very much.

Question: How important is link building?

Very. Despite what the supposed SEO experts will tell you, the most important SEO consideration isn’t “how good is this content?” There’s plenty of great content on the third page of Google. Nobody reads it. They don’t read it primarily because it doesn’t have any link juice.

Links are Google’s main trust signal; they always have been, and probably always will be. Google sees a site with lots of links pointing to it as very useful and trustworthy. Building links are the fastest, most reliable way to increase rankings. This has been true since Google launched and it will remain true until Google figures out a way to turn their algorithm into a human.

Question: What is bounce rate?

Bounce rate refers to the rate at which users visit your page from a search engine and then immediately return to the results page. In other words, how many visitors click on your page and then immediately bounce back to the SERPs. Search engines use this as an indicator of how well a page meets the query of a searcher.

In theory, a high bounce rate will tell Google that your page shouldn’t be ranking for that term. In practice, I’ve seen only a slight correlation between bounce rate and rankings. In my tests I’ve managed to maintain some rankings with a bounce rate of 95%.

Question: Are images important for SEO?

Yes, images are a major on-page ranking factor. Adding more relevant images to your page will usually improve rankings, assuming the metadata is good and the images aren’t slowing your page down. I have found that using images that Google already sees as relevant is good SEO best practice. Don’t try to teach the algorithm anything it doesn’t already know!

Question: Should I hire an SEO agency?

I obviously have a bit of a vested interest in answering this question with a “yes”, but in truth it depends on what you’re looking to achieve. If you just want to give your site a very basic SEO overhaul, ensuring that it is indexing properly and that maybe you appear on the first page for some easy keywords particular to your business, you can probably learn everything yourself. But if you want to really expand your business by taking control of some high-value, competitive keywords from your competitors, then you need someone like me. You can’t be an expert at everything – you need to focus on your business, so let us handle the SEO.

Question: How important are internal links?

Internal links are, in my opinion, the most underappreciated and under-utilised tools in the SEO professional’s arsenal. Internal links are just like every other backlink; they send trust signals to a target page, they tell the algorithm what that page is about through anchor text, and they teach the algorithm what is the most important page on your site. Using articles to gain links and then siphoning that juice to the target page is an incredibly powerful SEO tactic; I use it all the time.

Question: What is on-page optimisation in SEO?

On-page optimisation is one of the three “pillars” of SEO (the others being off-page and technical). On-page optimisation is where you try to make all of the elements that make up a page as appealing as possible to search engines. This means optimising keyword density, exact match keyword counts, use of HTML tags, images, lists, bold text, italic text, LSI keywords, internal link structure, and more. On-page optimisation should by driven by scientific testing and data, like all good SEO.

Question: Does HTTPS help with SEO?

HTTPS doesn’t just help with SEO – it is absolutely VITAL for good SEO nowadays. Google Chrome now gives all website visitors a privacy warning if they try to enter a website that does not have HTTPS certification. HTTPS is basically a security certificate that keeps all data transmitted between you and a website secure; it’s what earns sites the little padlock next to the URL in your browser. As these are typically free, there’s no reason for a site not to have one!


Our SEO campaigns – What to expect

All of our campaigns are different; we tailor them to your goals and particular needs.

A campaign for a dentist or solicitor in Manchester is going to look very different to a campaign for a retailer that sells products across the EU. Similarly, campaigns look different depending on the business type; we might take a slightly different approach for an established Manchester solicitors firm than we would for a North West-based plumber just getting started.

But broadly speaking, our campaigns all follow a similar track:

  1. Keyword plan: We need to get to grips with your current rankings as well as where you want to be and what keywords we think you should be aiming for to maximize revenue (not just traffic). At the start of the campaign we will analyse your organic traffic and produce a report detailing what we think and where we intend to go from there.
  2. Technical site audit: The next step is to look at your website and see how well it is performing. Technical issues with a site are one of the most common reasons for poor rankings; lots of webmasters don’t even realise that their sites have a lot of downtime, are slow, or that they fail to load certain elements completely. We will do a full audit of your website to identify any technical issues, as well as to find ways you can improve page load speed, crawl rate, and user experience.
  3. Data-driven on-page optimisation: Once we have fixed any technical issues with your site and we have a solid keyword plan in place, we get to work on the nitty-gritty of search engine optimisation. Our team will produce content designed specifically for the purpose of ranking for our target search terms.

Data drives our on-page optimisation; we use software that looks at the top ranking pages and analyses their performance across 30 known ranking factors. By reducing the top ranking pages to numerical values, we can give the algorithm everything they do and more. The result is you taking your competitors rankings.

  1. Link building: This is where our efforts really start to make a difference to your rankings, your site authority, and ultimately your traffic. Our team are incredibly effective when it comes to building high-quality backlinks. We aim to create backlink profiles that are diverse, powerful, and natural in appearance (although they are anything but natural). Our ultimate goal is to direct a lot of power to your target pages, but we also want to ensure the work we do keeps you ranking for years to come.
  2. Brand authority: When the groundwork has been properly laid, we will start sending brand trust signals to your site to help solidify your new rankings and to compound the trust that your customers (present and future) have in your business. That means developing a visible presence on all of the important social channels, industry publications, forums, and business citation indexes. Basically, we get to work making sure your business has a presence everywhere a successful business should. This tactic wont get you good rankings by itself, but like “making great content”, it makes a difference when everything else is done right.

This is what you can expect when you hire us as your SEO agency. It may sound straightforward, but we promise you’ll be impressed with how we operate. Get in touch to organise an initial audit today -> CONTACT FOR AN AUDIT.


Professional SEO content writers on-demand

Every good SEO agency in Manchester will promise you top-quality content as part of their services. The current leading search engine optimisation providers put content at the centre of what they do; long-form, heavily researched, well-written content is what they’re all about.

Obviously, we don’t think content is central to SEO. Our in-house tests have made this abundantly clear; you can rank very well with shoddily written content if you have sufficient backlinks and your on-page SEO is spot on.

But that doesn’t mean we ignore content quality. On the contrary; we put a lot of effort into making sure your content is engaging, informative, and that it generates sales.

On-page SEO

SEO and content marketing work together. The two need to be fused if you are going to increase your organic traffic and turn that traffic into pound sterling. Low quality content can take the top spot for highly competitive terms, but it can’t convert that traffic into paying customers.

We have an in-house team of highly experienced content writers who produce all of our clients’ new content. They will work directly with you or your marketing team to make sure that your brand’s message and identity is represented properly. At the same time, they’ll ensure that each piece of content has better on-page signals than your competitors.

Good SEO does not necessarily mean good content. But good content marketing is needed if you want to maximize conversions and develop brand trust. Content and SEO go hand-in-hand.


PPC campaigns

We do not pretend to be experts at PPC, which is precisely why we have joined forces with some of the UK’s leading PPC freelancers to help us get the best value for money for our clients.

PPC is completely separate to search engine optimisation; the two are primarily done through Google, and there the similarities end.

Our PPC partners focus on delivering value for our clients. They are highly effective when it comes to identifying under-valued search terms, allowing you to pick up high-converting traffic at a fraction of the cost of your competitors.

By running a targeted PPC campaign alongside data-driven, scientific SEO, we think we can deliver results that you wouldn’t get from running either campaign alone.


Do you only service Manchester businesses?

We are a Manchester-based SEO and digital marketing agency. Most of the work we do is centred on Manchester; we know the local markets, businesses, and we can regularly see our clients face-to-face.

Manchester SEO

However, that does not mean we only serve Manchester businesses.

As an SEO agency, we don’t need to be in the same city as our clients. We accept clients from anywhere in the UK. We are more than happy to travel to your office for an initial consultation regardless of where you are based.

So no, we don’t only serve Manchester-based businesses. We are open to working with businesses from across the UK.